Personalized kitchen spaces

As a mom I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, which means most of my day is spent staring at the walls, cabinets, counter space and floor in this one room. But, for some reason, my kitchen was one of the last house projects to be worked on. Perhaps it’s because I frequent … Continue reading

Choosing the Right-Sized Furniture & Decor!

One question that I receive from clients over and over again is “How do I choose the right sized furniture or décor for my home?”  A great question and one that carries a lot of explanation.  Designers have rough formulas that they use to assist with their selections, but they also rely heavily on their … Continue reading

Vanquish Bath Decor Blues

Summer hones our focus toward bolder, brighter colors for the home.  Our collective vacation-inspired cheer brings an optimism that outshines today’s looming issues, and causes many consumers to seek out fresh new décor ideas.  Being the bath maven, I’ve found some fun options for your consideration. MODERN TECH Kohler’s amazing new throne is a wonder … Continue reading

Deciphering the Bath Rug

Today’s bath rugs and mats present a whole world of options. With so many to consider, understanding which type will best fit your needs can be confusing.  Here are a few tips for you to better clarify what rug will best work for your home. HANDMADE RUGS: These are high end rugs made individually (usually … Continue reading

Fall for Red and Orange!

With fall upon us in a few weeks, my thoughts turn to making homes cozy for those (hopefully!) cooler days and nights.  I absolutely adore fall decorating….layering textiles, adding ambiance, introducing new colors to the home…..heavenly!  This fall I’m focusing on a myriad of glorious shades between orange and red.  From paler blush and rose … Continue reading

How to be an organized mom

Organization is a key element in parenting. Without it, bills will go unpaid, events will be forgotten, schedules will go out the window and your time is not spent to its maximum potential. But getting – and staying – organized is not an easy task, especially when children are involved. These tips will help you … Continue reading

Hollywood Regency

Legendary designers Dorothy Draper and Williams Haines are famous for design styles that evoked Hollywood glamour and modern classical style.  Haines’ design style evolved from 1930’s Hollywood, a time when stars relied on both their talent AND their personal style to stay atop the Hollywood food chain.  Stars often entertained in their homes and their homes were … Continue reading

Aqua and the Aegean Sea

Inspired by my recent travels to the Aegean sea, I’m hooked on the color aqua. Throughout Greece the water was truly amazing. The Aquas are everywhere, not just in the gorgeous tranquil waters, but painted on buildings, signs, balconies, and store fronts. I wanted to bring it back with me! Knowing this wasn’t possible, I now … Continue reading

The New Neutrals

I’ve heard neutral design described as everything from ‘trendy’ to ‘blah’.  And over the past decade neutrals have been equated with the color beige, and beige only.  I dubbed this beige color “builder’s beige” (a.k.a. the color that builder’s paint an entire house in the hopes of attracting buyers).  Regardless of whether you feel neutral colored … Continue reading

Finding Rug Love When You Least Expect It

Finding the perfect rug for a space can take time and admittedly, a bit of trial and error even for the best designers.  If you have a blank canvas of a room, a beautiful rug can be a great starting point that serves as a foundation for the rest of  the furnishings and accent pieces.  … Continue reading

Beach Style!

Hello all!  So excited to join the Mohawk team and publish my first post!  Looking forward to hearing from everyone and chatting up all things design. I don’t know about y’all, but about this time every year I crave a trip to the ocean…the salt water smell, warm yellow sun, complete relaxation…ahhh!  This year I just … Continue reading

Tablet Coffee Table?

I’m ALL about technology; in fact, we have over 9 Apple products in our house. I still have my first generation iPod — it sings lullabies to my daughter at night. My trusty iPod nano jams while I work out. Whether it’s listening to music on Pandora, looking up a last minute recipe, entertaining my 4 … Continue reading

Give a room its own identity, with a rug!

I love our little house, but I think the builders went a little overboard with the whole “open space” phenomenon. We have two great rooms downstairs; one was meant to be a formal living room/formal dining room and the second was meant to be a family room/breakfast nook/kitchen. Having three kids (and a husband) in this open layout means … Continue reading

Top 5 Sites for Homespiration

I’m constantly wanting to redecorate my house…does this usually happen? No. But a girl can dream right? If I had an unlimited disposable income, a full time live in nanny, and I only worked one day a week…I’d have the coolest house ever! So while I’m sitting on the couch after a full day I … Continue reading

My Favorite Modern Outdoor Room

Recently, I was fortunate to join a small and exclusive group of design bloggers, interior designers, and interior decorators, representing 28 states and 4 countries, for Blogfest 2012, a design event hosted by Kravet Fabrics. As part of the event, we were able to see two fabulous showhouses, which have both recently opened in New … Continue reading

Ode to the Kneeling Mat

Ever considered the many uses of a kneeling mat? While originally developed to cushion parent’s knees while bathing babies, these handy little back and knee savers are quickly ascending in popularity and alternate uses. Here are some GREAT ways friends and colleagues have been using Mohawk Home’s new kneeling mats and sparking new development: BATHING … Continue reading

Color: Summer Bolds!

Greetings blogites! With Summer upon us, I wanted to share some exciting new COLOR ideas for the home….and a great inexpensive and easy method used by my friend and co-worker, Marie, for adding color and drama to any room/bathroom. Keying off the bold colored shower curtain, Marie simply cut molding (yes, for FLOOR TRIM) at 45 degree angles, … Continue reading

All Around Trendy Spring Style

The styles and trends this spring work well in every aspect of your life – from home and garden to clothing and accessories. Check out my favorite ways to incorporate these new spring styles into your wardrobe and your home. Neon colors Neon colors are making a big comeback for spring. But, if you ask … Continue reading

Spring Kitchen & Chicken!

Nothing says “spring time” more to me than fresh flowers and the smell of a bbq grilling some chicken. The moment the weather turns warm my family and I cannot wait to take a trip to our local home center to buy some flowers. I immediately plant them to instantly brighten up the exterior of … Continue reading

Spring-ing Your Outdoors

Getting your outdoor space ready for spring is similar to the natural unfurling of the season. You ready your outdoor space in stages adding furniture and accessories gradually as the season progresses. You can also signal the start of spring in your outdoor space by altering your color palette and patterns in your space to … Continue reading

Spring up your Front Step and Yard!

Prepping your home for sale? Be sure the exterior best showcases your homes first impression. Here are some tips for helping home stagers, interior decorators and homeowners do just that! Dont forget about the exterior, especially the front! First walk to the curb and look at your home from the road. This may be the buyers or … Continue reading

Spring Into YELLOW

Yellow is trending in fashion and in home décor this season.  It’s available in every shade imaginable including vibrant citrons and marigolds, nostalgic neons, and dusty pastels.  Adding yellow accents in your home immediately takes the winter out and gets it summer ready. Just a few accessories can give your room – and you – … Continue reading

Refresh & Recharge your Bath

Welcome to the easiest room of the house to refresh; not to mention the coolest place to recharge.  While my bath rituals often relegate this room to the level of routine, I’ve been recently struck by the urge to rebel against this monotony.  Note, I have teenage kids now… first I have to wedge IN … Continue reading

Goodbye Man Cave…Hello Playroom!

City Center

As a mom of two young kids I know what it feels like to have toys slowly take over your house. They are in every room and soon you feel like you are suffocating! In my house we had to designate a play space because we couldn’t walk into the living room without tripping on a stuffed animal or worse stepping on a Lego. This play space was formerly a “Man Cave.” Hubby begrudgingly let it be redecorated from a Georgia Bulldogs Shrine to a fun playful play area where our own personal Toys R Us could be organized and put away.  It was the best idea I had yet. The kids have their own personal play area, and we in turn had our living space back! 

Through the redecorating phase of this space it led me to look into fun colored, yet kid friendly rugs that would fit in this space. I wanted something that looked the part but also could withstand what my kids were literally going to throw at it. Did I mention we have 2 dogs? We really needed something durable!

I actually get this question a lot. Working in the rug industry for many years I often get calls from friends and colleagues asking what rugs we have that are suitable for playrooms or play spaces. More and more I hear that people are converting their formal dining room into a play area. Sometimes its their formal den that is converted. In our case it was our “man cave”.  I have found some great rugs for play spaces!

One of my favorites 

Continue reading

Break Out of a Boring Bath

My interior decorating and home staging company helps homeowners ‘break out of the beige haze’.  I don’t typically see many out of the box baths in staging and selling homes but have some gems from the design and decorating side of the business. Here are a few ways to break out of the boring bath. … Continue reading

A Bathroom Rug to Warm Up the Room

Our first home had carpet covering the entire floor area in the master bathroom. I never really understood why the builder decided that a bathroom should be covered wall-to-wall in carpet. Sure, it was nice to have when my toddler wanted to play in a sectioned-off and gated-off space while I took a shower, but … Continue reading

Create a Beautiful Nursery with Mohawk Home

Actually create a beautiful nursery, playroom, play space, etc. with Mohawk Home… anything is game really. A space for baby should be soft, beautiful, whimsical and fun right? Mohawk Home sent us one of their new rugs from their new Baby Collection to touch, roll on, play on, enjoy and make mama’s inner designer squeal … Continue reading

Extend your living space into your backyard

Even though summer is quickly coming to an end, the time remaining before winter arrives — along with the current warmer weather — is perfect for some end of summer parties and get-togethers in your backyard. But your time outside doesn’t have to end with summer. With an inviting outdoor space, you and your family … Continue reading