A Bathroom Rug to Warm Up the Room

Our first home had carpet covering the entire floor area in the master bathroom. I never really understood why the builder decided that a bathroom should be covered wall-to-wall in carpet. Sure, it was nice to have when my toddler wanted to play in a sectioned-off and gated-off space while I took a shower, but other than that, I saw no logical reason to have carpet in a bathroom.

Fast-forward a few years to our current home.

Our decent-sized master bedroom is carpeted and our adjoined master bathroom is covered in large, beautiful tile.

Over the past 7 years, there have been numerous times that I miss that carpeted bathroom — specifically on cold winter nights and again whenever I have a newborn baby.

The cold winter nights are very do-able – we are in Southern California after all, but those first few months of the newborn stage were a lot different with my last two children and I think it has something to do with the tile in out master bathroom.

The tiled bathroom makes our entire room cooler, which makes our middle of the night feedings and constant hand-washing trips a tad uncomfortable – for both my baby and me.

It wasn’t until I had my third child that I started coming up with ideas to warm our master bathroom and master bedroom without turning on the house heater. I brought out a space heater for the first few weeks, but the thought of having it on all night (even set at a specific temperature) made me uneasy. Then, I thought back to our previous master bathroom, the one with the carpeted floor.

Our bathroom is not huge, but it does have a large tile area perfect for a circular, square or even rectangular area rug. Having an easy-to-clean area rug in the bathroom has become my natural way to keep our bedroom at a more manageable temperature… And it looks really nice, too!

You can find Bath Rugs to warm up your bath room at all major retailers including JCPenney.

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