Break Out of a Boring Bath

My interior decorating and home staging company helps homeowners ‘break out of the beige haze’.  I don’t typically see many out of the box baths in staging and selling homes but have some gems from the design and decorating side of the business. Here are a few ways to break out of the boring bath.

Warm up underfoot – Tired of cold marble or tile floor, or too many throw rugs in a large bathroom?  Most people dislike carpet in the bath but synthetic sisal (made from olefin) rugs provides a nice alternative to traditional cold floors.  It’s very durable, can handle the moisture that is found in bathrooms, is washable, and won’t be cold underfoot.  Best of all it’s very affordable.

Raffia Red Scatter Rug sold at Target and

Get techie in the bath – Recently I stayed at a friend’s home in Silicon Valley and noticed a lonely charging cord in the bathroom, near the toilet. After wondering what could be charged in the bathroom, I realized the bathroom would make a great place for high tech reading!  An electronic reading device (like Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes and Noble’s Nook) could be fabulous in the bathroom of a technology driven home.  Or even that other electronic reading device, the one that starts with “I” and ends with “pa”’ could be welcome, just not too close to the bath/shower area please.

Spice up the storage – We all know how important storage is in the bathroom and under the sink is no exception.  Rather than using the plain vanity boxes found in the major hardware store retailers, be creative!  Visit your local thrift store or weekly flea market and pick up an old dresser or console table instead.  These can be modified to fit a sunken or vessel sink, faucet, and pipes for instant style!  And this doesn’t have to be a vintage looking dresser either – this vanity sink from Porcelanosa USA mirrors a fabulous dressing table or make up vanity:

The options are endless! Be fearless and have fun!

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