Goodbye Man Cave…Hello Playroom!

As a mom of two young kids I know what it feels like to have toys slowly take over your house. They are in every room and soon you feel like you are suffocating! In my house we had to designate a play space because we couldn’t walk into the living room without tripping on a stuffed animal or worse, stepping on a Lego. This play space was formerly a “Man Cave.” Hubby begrudgingly let it be redecorated from a Georgia Bulldogs Shrine to a fun playful play area where our own personal Toys R Us could be organized and put away.  It was the best idea I had yet. The kids have their own personal play area, and we in turn had our living space back!

Through the redecorating phase of this space I looked into fun colored, yet kid friendly rugs that would fit in this space. I wanted something that looked the part but also could withstand what my kids were literally going to throw at it. Did I mention we have 2 dogs? We really needed something durable!

I actually get this question a lot, “What rug would you recommend for my kids room or play area?” Working in the rug industry for many years I often get calls from friends and colleagues asking what rugs we have that are suitable for playrooms or play spaces. More and more I hear that people are converting their formal dining room into a play area. Sometimes its their formal den that is converted. In our case it was our “man cave.” Oh, the things we do for our kids…or maybe it’s for our own sanity? Either way I have found some great rugs for play spaces!

One of my favorites, City Center, is full of fun bright colors. The rich jewel tones in reds, greens, and blues pop on any floor. The best part is this rug will stand up to even a red kool aid spill! This is a major plus!

City Center in Multi

Another rug ,Patton, also has a great array of colors and is made in the same durable construction as City Center. It almost looks like a mosaic of Legos, but these won’t hurt your feet! In fact the luxurious softness of this rug could lead you to want to take a nap on it after all that playing!

Patton in Dark Brown

This fun asymmetrical stripe Mayan Sunset is bright, durable, and priced right. It’s easy to match with any decor, and I guarantee it will withstand even the toughest stains.

Mayan Sunset in Sierra

Want a ray of sunshine inside your house? Then Rainbow is the rug you want, with punches of all the colors in the rainbow and the toughness of steel.

Rainbow Rug in Multi

I hope these help you in your quest to create a stylish yet functional play area in your home…

And I couldn’t help but share some finished playrooms for your inspirational pleasure! Enjoy!

This is our completed turned out well. Puzzles, blocks, and feet numbing Legos now have a permanent home here.

The City Center rug from above in a Dining Room converted to place space.

And another fun playroom rug in a Rugby Stripe.

Now it’s play time!

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