Refresh & Recharge your Bath

Welcome to the easiest room of the house to refresh; not to mention the coolest place to recharge.  While my bath rituals often relegate this room to the level of routine, I’ve been recently struck by the urge to rebel against this monotony.  Note, I have teenage kids now… first I have to wedge IN there, between the hour-long showers and the primping.   Being a working mom, any updates to this room MUST be done quickly and with a minimum of cost. So, here goes:

PAINT!  Colors for the bath are trending two ways: Subtle Pastels or Shocking Brights.Coming down from Ready to Wear, soft MINT GREEN is hot right now, as well as incoming GOLD tones.  GREY is also a hot shade for subtle earthy settings.

Dusty Mint Looks Refreshing (HGTV)

Warm Neutrals add a Glow (HGTV)

Gold adds an Exotic Flair (HGTV)

Bold Red Ignites the Senses (HGTV)

NEW TOWELS:  This is fun, easy, and can be inexpensive.  Get your accent colors in via the towels.  If you have a shower curtain, update that too for a shot of color.  Kohls has some fun new towel patterns, FYI.  I especially adore this Garden Pond pattern, complete with hummingbirds.  Yellow, greens and aquas look fresh on white backgrounds these days.

Kohls Garden Pond Towel

Anthropologie’s Textural Mosaic

WALLPAPER: It’s coming BACK (OH NO!)   Some excellent options can add pizzazz to even the smallest spaces.  If you’re intimidated by the thought of wallpaper, just do ONE WALL in wallpaper, and paint the rest!

Mid Century Modern Lattice (HGTV)

Floating Medallions (HGTV)

Toile is coming back (HGTV)

Traditional stripes looks new again (HGTV)

NEW FAUCETS: Trendy new faucets are often not too expensive and relatively easy to put in — thanks to all those handy husbands and neighbors out there.  New looks include wall-mounted faucets and streamlined waterfall looks.



CREATIVE LIGHTING: Hot new looks in the bath include dramatic lighting, coupled with Chromatherapy (colored lights) and Aromoatherapy (scents).  With some minor renovation, you create a unique calming space for those rare moments when you can chase your kids out long enough to enjoy the soothing atmosphere. The most exciting shower I’ve encountered in some time was in the Pan Pacific hotel in Suzhou, China, during my trip there last week.  The glass-walled shower was inset from the outer walls about a foot, allowing for floor lighting and a dimensional rock-rimmed space that eliminated the “closet” effect some shower stalls have.

Nook Lights add interest (HGTV)

Dramatic behind the tub lights (HGTV)



Whichever way you chose to go with your refreshed space, remember to HAVE FUN! And don’t forget to add Mohawk Home Bath Rugs to soften every bath!


*Photos courtesy of

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