Color: Summer Bolds!

Greetings blogites!

With Summer upon us, I wanted to share some exciting new COLOR ideas for the home….and a great inexpensive and easy method used by my friend and co-worker, Marie, for adding color and drama to any room/bathroom.

Keying off the bold colored shower curtain, Marie simply cut molding (yes, for FLOOR TRIM) at 45 degree angles, painted them in a semi gloss dark brown, and GLUED them to her standard bathroom mirror using liquid nails.

This simple and cost-effective look dramatically changed this white bathroom into one of dramatic color POP!  The bold Micro Poly chenille rug in RED adds the texture and warmth that completes the effect. GREAT JOB, MARIE, and thanks for sharing this quick tip!

NOW, for more color options for the bath / home, we are seeing brighter / bolder color used as accents to perk up spaces.  GREY or GREY-TONED pastels are often the backdrop for these new rich, but rustic hues.

These bold colors work best with simple shapes or in bold graphic patterns with WHITE.­­ These looks above (all from British Homes & Gardens magazine) can be achieved with a quick coat of paint or accent piece.   Here is a nice grey look, again with simple bold graphics and white to keep the multiple patterns livable.


For those looking to do a major renovation, there are some amazing TILES that create mosaics of great intensity. This is mosaic from Bisazza – these are pricey but dramatic if you have unlimited funds and confidence!


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