Ode to the Kneeling Mat

Ever considered the many uses of a kneeling mat? While originally developed to cushion parent’s knees while bathing babies, these handy little back and knee savers are quickly ascending in popularity and alternate uses.

Here are some GREAT ways friends and colleagues have been using Mohawk Home’s new kneeling mats and sparking new development:

  1. BATHING FURRY BUDDIES – Your pet and knees will thank you
  2. PLANTING/WEEDING THE GARDEN – Get the garden summer ready without stressing your joints
  3. PAINTING THOSE BASEBOARDS – Painting a room (or house) from top to bottom doesn’t have to be a pain
  4. BLEACHER BUDDY – Cheer your kid’s game in comfort by adding extra cushion to those hard seats
  5. EXERCISE CLASS – Make the cat and child’s pose easier on your knees and body, as we do during Mohawk’s Healthy Living Pilates Class for employees…

Thanks to Mohawk for donating these mats!

Do you have other creative uses for a kneeling mat? Let us know.

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