Top 5 Sites for Homespiration

I’m constantly wanting to redecorate my house…does this usually happen? No. But a girl can dream right? If I had an unlimited disposable income, a full time live in nanny, and I only worked one day a week…I’d have the coolest house ever! So while I’m sitting on the couch after a full day I dream about what I’d do to each room if all of the above were true.

Here are 5 great sites to browse, be inspired, and dream about ways to redecorate your abode.

1. – One of the best sites for home inspiration! You can browse hundreds of thousands of homes by design or location. I also love the idea boards! This is worth setting up an account to store all your great finds!

2. – Okay I know everyone has heard of it but do you know the best ways to use it? If you are looking for home ideas type “home” into the search then when your results come up click on “boards” in bold under your search term. This allows you to browse people who also have fully dedicated boards to home ideas!  Don’t underestimate the search on Pinterest to find just what you want. You can also hover over “everything” at the top of the page to bring up all the different subcategories that pins can be under. Need an invite? Comment on this post and I’ll send you one.

3. – Not just for apartments this design website tackles all kinds of issues that occur in apartments to homes. They have the best Before and After reveals. This will get you jumping to the nearest home improvement store I’m sure of it!

4. – My oh my has this site grown. They have great DIY tutorials and fabulous “spaces” to explore by state. This search capability is great! I love southern plantation style so I search homes in the south…then I drool.

5. – Had to throw one in there for kids. Design dazzle features baby, kid, and tween rooms. No amateurs may apply here. These rooms are the cream of the crop, but there is a caveat. Most of the items can be purchased at national retailers at incredible prices. The room of the month applicants actually share where they bought the pieces and what paint color they used! It makes putting a room together a piece of cake! Speaking of cake… They even feature kids party ideas on their blog.

Happy surfing!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Sites for Homespiration

  1. Okay I am officially ready to decorate. We just completed a home remodel and all I have left to do now that the contractors and the dust is finally gone….is decorate! These sites are fabulous and have me on my way to making my home exactly what I want! Thanks for the inspiration and information…..insphormation all on one blog!

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