Mommy Time: Do something for yourself, Give yourself a peaceful sanctum

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, but only because it’s so true…

As moms, we often put ourselves and our needs behind the needs of our children – and all the other demands in our lives.

Case in point…

My bedroom “before” (

For years I’ve dreamt of creating my perfect bedroom – my sanctuary, my space. And for years it sat half finished. Because it was always just “thrown together”, I was constantly thinking of things I wanted to do to it – sometimes wanting to start from scratch out of sheer frustration or lack of motivation.

Pinterest actually triggered the project. (By the way, my husband does not like Pinterest).

But I on the other hand… I love it. I put together a few boards on Pinterest – one for bedroom ideas and inspiration and one to visualize my pieces together. And because I have more time (and patience) for window shopping online than traipsing around a toddler, it was a perfect way to research what I needed.

I used a lot of what we already had pieced together as our base, knowing I wouldn’t be able to actually start from scratch.

  • Step one was painting the room. We took a weekend (actually it only took one day) and got it done.
  • Then I pulled the trigger on one purchase at a time – in my attempts to avoid the evil eye from my husband.

HomeGoods proved to be dangerous, but in a good way. I knew that if I found something at HomeGoods, I had to snatch it up or it could be gone the next day. That was not a one-purchase-at-a-time deal. I did get the evil eye… A few times.

I also looked for things I had to have and then searched for something similar to help keep costs down. I was able to find my reading chair, pedestal table and lamp bases at Target and Target online.

I tried to go a different route with window panels for the small windows but quickly found that nothing compared to the Pottery Barn panels I already had for the large windows. Those were the last purchase. The evil eye then became the look of death, but that’s okay because it’s finished and I finally have the room of my dreams.

From HomeGoods:

  • Flower canvas prints
  • Woven nesting boxes*
  • Manzanita wooden branch
  • Round wooden mirror above the bed
  • Turned wood pillar holders*
  • Grey vase*
  • Grey picture frame*

From Target:

  • Reading chair
  • Pedestal table
  • Lamp bases
  • Window hardware over the small windows
  • Three large frames on the wall
  • Gallery frame on the nightstand*

From Pottery Barn:

  • Dupioni silk panels in Clay for the large windows*
  • Dupioni silk panels in Clay for the small windows
  • Burlap lampshades
  • Floor mirror*
  • Window hardware over the big windows*
  • Metal rings for hanging the window panels*
  • Decorative shell ball*
  • Bed*
  • Bedding*
  • Nightstands*

*Things we already had

Links are in my Master Bedroom Pinterest board.

(Article previously posted on Christina’s personal blog,

Looking to complete a similar look, check out some coordinating Mohawk Home rugs in MommylovesCoffee’s Rug Ideas Pinterest board.

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