Tablet Coffee Table?

I’m ALL about technology; in fact, we have over 9 Apple products in our house.

I still have my first generation iPod — it sings lullabies to my daughter at night. My trusty iPod nano jams while I work out. Whether it’s listening to music on Pandora, looking up a last minute recipe, entertaining my 4 year old while I attempt to cook the last minute recipe, I’ve learned I don’t want to live without them.

When rumors of Apple TVs started spreading I’ll admit I started to swoon. Then I read about the Smart Coffee Table. It would be really fun to sit and browse through the news as you watch television. What a fun gathering spot for guests as well. This is definitely a conversation piece!

What do you think about this Smart Coffee Table? What’s next? Would you put this in your living room? Do you think this fits in with your living room design? Would you like to see one in your Doctor’s office while you wait? What about in a the waiting area or bar of a restaurant?

So many possibilities!

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