Beach Style!

Hello all!  So excited to join the Mohawk team and publish my first post!  Looking forward to hearing from everyone and chatting up all things design.

I don’t know about y’all, but about this time every year I crave a trip to the ocean…the salt water smell, warm yellow sun, complete relaxation…ahhh!  This year I just can’t fit the beach into my schedule.  So I’m re-creating that beach-y feeling at home.

Creating a beach-y style atmosphere is challenging for some.  I think it boils down to over thinking a “themed” space.  To create beach style without turning your home into a shell-shop-junk-store replica, here are some simple tips….

1.  Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

  • Give any space an air of relaxation with comfortable furnishings, organic fabrics, little clutter…the basics of beach style.
  • De-clutter!  A few ornate accessories are better than many ordinary ones.
  • Remove heavy rugs, lampshades and draperies (we’ll circle back to this) and take stock of your artwork.  All of these items can be replaced seasonally.
  • Use slipcovers to freshen up your furnishings.  Stick to light-colored, durable, machine washable covers.

2.  Pick Your Color Combos

The least expensive way to transform a space is with paint.  And now that your space is clutter-free, look at nature’s inspiration.  The sand, surf, and sun are perfect starting points.

  • Blue and white are the go-to scheme, the blues ranging from sea-foam to dark navy.
  • If you’re a fan of color, don’t shy away from bold!  Beach style still works with combos like aqua/orange, navy/yellow, or teal/lime.
  • If white walls are too stark, go gray.  Choose blue-gray or greige (gray/beige combo) and you’ll be amazed how crisp the room will appear.  My fave gray is Benjamin Moore’s Oyster Shell.
  • Bring more color into the room with furniture.  Sounds scary for you “only stained wood” peeps, but these pics will inspire you….

3.  Add Natural Elements

My favorite element of beach style…nature.  Now I don’t mean adopting pet egrets!  Think natural fibers, fabrics and lighting.

  • Circling back to the seasonal changes…ditch the plain-Jane lampshades. Try a sea-glass lamp with a grass shade-yum!  Hang crisp white or pretty patterned linen drapes and replace winter rugs with lighter options.
  • Mohawk’s Croissant Rectangular Rug  is perfect
  • Utilize spunky items like a driftwood mirror, grass chairs or rope details.
  • Fabrics on furnishings and windows can be colorful – cottons and linens work well.

    Rectangular Croissant Area Rug from Lowes

4.  Accessorize, in Moderation

Don’t create a space where everything is beach-y themed.  It’s ok to choose a few obvious beach-related items, but keep the rest of the accessories neutral.

  • For more subtle art, pull in colors or items from the ocean.
  • I love to use at least one unexpected item in every room!
  • Add a fun beach themed doormat to welcome guests.
  • And lastly, a few fun items to add character to a beach space.

Hope these tips help you create wonderful beach style in your home.  Until next time…..happy decorating and beach-y dreams!

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