Finding Rug Love When You Least Expect It

Finding the perfect rug for a space can take time and admittedly, a bit of trial and error even for the best designers.  If you have a blank canvas of a room, a beautiful rug can be a great starting point that serves as a foundation for the rest of  the furnishings and accent pieces.  But when you have already completed a room and you want to incorporate a unifying area rug that coordinates with your existing decor, that can sometimes take a little bit more effort.

Sometimes, though, fate intervenes and puts you in the right spot at the right time.

I happened to be browsing around Home Depot one day with my husband and father-in-law as they were purchasing lumber for our finished basement project when I stumbled upon this gorgeous silvery-grey and taupe colored paisley rug in the flooring department.  I was not searching for a rug at the time, actually I was just killing time perusing the store while escaping the uber-boring lumber department.  But since we had just recently painted our sunroom an icy blue/green paint color the room was feeling kind of cold and barren without a rug to warm it up.  I knew as soon as I saw this rug that it needed to come live in my sunroom to be the warm and fuzzies that this room needed.  I summoned my husband from the lumber department to get his opinion, and he agreed that it was perfect for the space.  And, at just under $140.00 for an 8×10 size, we both agreed this rug was an extremely good value.

The sunroom gets used fairly often, so I wanted something that could withstand traffic and not be so expensive that I would freak out if a drink got spilled on it.  I have a preschooler.  Spills happen.  Besides being stain resistant, another excellent bonus of this rug was its resistance to fading in the sunlight.  Because it’s made from 100% Olefin, the rug won’t fade as quickly as other fibers.  Since this is the sunniest room in our home, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t fade out within a few years time.

We brought it home, and have been enjoying it in our sunroom ever since that fateful day.  My four-year old son is a train fanatic, so you’ll often find him playing on this rug with his train tracks and freight cars.  I love that it’s soft beneath his knees but still durable.  The textured pattern is subtle , but intricate enough to be absolutely stunning and unique.

This rug has it all!  It’s beautiful in my space. I can literally find no cons, only pros.

If you’re searching for the perfect rug for your home, this Forte Area Rug from Mohawk Home is a definite winner.

And even if you desire something a little more bold than this rug but can’t seem to find The Perfect One, sometimes the best approach is to just stop searching, keep an open mind and let the rug find you.  Spending a little time in the flooring department does seem to increase the odds, though.

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