Extend your living space into your backyard!

Looking for another way to extend your living space without major construction?  You don’t have to do a deck or fancy patio, a basic and large patio can make your house shine and extend your living space.

On a recent trip to Charlotte NC, I stayed with a friend who just had her patio constructed and completed. She had a basic concrete slab torn up and in its place, a nice brick patio was laid down, extending her family room right out the sliding glass door into a living space.

Now, no family room would be complete with out a proper place to lounge, lay a drink down or (more importantly) a plate of delicious barbeque. Here is another view of her space, so you can borrow from her decor:

Of course, the decorator in me had to add a few accents just to make the space totally feel right. If you look past the table, you can see the landscaping work that was completed too. The team at Disignia Landscape in Charlotte gave her a great foundation, don’t you think?

We were able to put it to the test during the July 4th week. It turned out to be a great place to check out the fireworks from the neighbors, even if they were illegal.  Hope this motivates you to extend your own indoors, outdoors!

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