Aqua and the Aegean Sea

Inspired by my recent travels to the Aegean sea, I’m hooked on the color aqua. Throughout Greece the water was truly amazing. The Aquas are everywhere, not just in the gorgeous tranquil waters, but painted on buildings, signs, balconies, and store fronts. I wanted to bring it back with me! Knowing this wasn’t possible, I now want to surround my life with it here in the states.

As I started to browse, I have figured out how to bring this distinct color of the Aegean to my daily life. This hip, trendy color is now everywhere in apparel, cosmetics, and home decor. I’m awestruck by aqua!

Keeping in trend, we developed a new exclusive line of chevrons in the season’s HOTTEST color trends. Today we’re featuring the aqua and cream. It will appear online next week for a price that won’t cost you hardly any green!

Comment below to find out where!

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