Hollywood Regency

Legendary designers Dorothy Draper and Williams Haines are famous for design styles that evoked Hollywood glamour and modern classical style.  Haines’ design style evolved from 1930’s Hollywood, a time when stars relied on both their talent AND their personal style to stay atop the Hollywood food chain.  Stars often entertained in their homes and their homes were representative of their fabulous life.  Haines brilliantly transferred the glamour of the movies from the set to the stars’ homes using luxurious furnishings and anything with glitz.

At the same time, Draper focused her design talents on East coast venues, using large-scaled items, mirrors, moldings, and unusually bright color schemes.  Together, Haines and Draper’s works transformed design, ultimately creating the Hollywood Regency style.  In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in this design style’s popularity.  Current designs may have a 21st century edge compared to those from past decades, but the fundamental components of Hollywood Regency remain the same.


  • Whether bright, glossy colors or black or white, furniture should be lacquered and shiny!
  • Reflective pieces play a huge role in this style.  Large-scale wall mirrors and mirrored furniture pieces like chests and desks are perfect.
  • Adding gold or silver pieces in any form gives extra sparkle.

Dorothy Draper Iconic Chest


  • Fabrics can range from soft velvets to colorful graphics and florals.  Be brave and go for bold color AND pattern.
  • Add extra texture to the room with silk lampshades, tassels, and fringes.
  • Zebra rugs or bold geometric patterns are all the rage for carpeting options.
  • Extra details, like tufted upholstery with nail head detail, fretwork, and glittering chandeliers finish the posh look.


  • Using pairs of étagères, lamps, mirrors, etc. is a great way to keep balance in the space.
  • Avoid the over-stuffed furniture route!  Go for smaller furnishings with tailored lines.
  • Use the entire room to your advantage – apply moldings to the walls or ceiling, lacquer walls with color, or drape an entire wall in fabric.

Dorothy Draper style chairs


  • Black & white schemes are versatile, classic, and work well with the glitter and shine of the Hollywood Regency style.
  • Really bright colors are ok too!  Lacquered red, acid yellow, hot pink…..these colors are perfect for furnishings, fabrics, or walls.

The Lennox


  • Asian influences (hello, lacquer!) are big.  Add in a few touches like pagodas and Chinoiserie patterns (in fabric or wallpaper).
  • Bamboo furniture or accessories work well.  Painting the bamboo in glossy, bright colors….even better!
  • Add large lamps in either metallic sheens or white.
  • Screens are fabulous backdrops for furniture or architectural details (look for metallic or mirrored screens to add style and shine).

The goal with Hollywood Regency is obviously to create the ultimate in glamour and drama, just like in Haines’ Hollywood homes and Draper’s grand hotels of the past.  But to do it properly, you want a design that is very personalized to you.  A design that looks like it evolved over time.  A mixture of eras old and new.

Take your time and enjoy the process of collecting YOUR Hollywood Regency design.  And remember….if it doesn’t sparkle, shine, or feel luxurious, it’s not Hollywood Regency.

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