Fall for Red and Orange!

With fall upon us in a few weeks, my thoughts turn to making homes cozy for those (hopefully!) cooler days and nights.  I absolutely adore fall decorating….layering textiles, adding ambiance, introducing new colors to the home…..heavenly!  This fall I’m focusing on a myriad of glorious shades between orange and red.  From paler blush and rose tones to more vivid rust and spice, these warm shades will make your home extra snuggly.

Introducing seasonal colors into your home doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your decor.  The goal in seasonal decorating is to give your home a fresh look by integrating a few changes.  These changes can be big or subtle so long as you change the feeling of the space.

For the conservative decorator red or orange colors strike fear in the heart!  But you can still pull it off, sans the chest pains, by adding smaller colorful details……

  • Fabrics – A side chair or ottoman in a colorful pattern adds interest and dimension to your room without overwhelming your color senses.  Isn’t this red check adorable?!!

Amy Meir

  • Paint – Go for a pop of color inside a bookcase or on a small accent wall.  Smoky gray and orange are fabulous companions!

HGTV – SW Spice

  • Draperies – Pale versions of red or orange offer a soothing ambiance (blush drapes = elegance)!  Softly toned patterns bring visual stimulation without the drama.  (Notice the bold orange pillow brings out the orange in the drapes!)

  • Textiles – Pillows, throws, and area rugs are easy to change seasonally.  Deep oranges and reds add warmth to spaces.


You color loving peeps can be more aggressive in your color changes……

  • Fabrics – Time to invest in that red sofa, bold floral side chair, or layered bed linens.  (This red and black scheme looks amazing with the soft butter wall color!)
  • Paint – Go for broke with an entire space doused in color!
  • Draperies – Bold pattern or a single bright color frames your room for fall.  If you’re hesitant about pattern, choose a rich silk or velvet in a solid color.  You can also layer drapes by placing neutral beige or gray panels next to a bold colored panel (illustrated in photo below right).

The Lennox

source ??

If you have a fabulous neutral base in your room (i.e. beige, gray or white), then add variations of orange or red color to make a statement.  Pinkish-red, candy-apple red or apricot-orange looks amazing with neutral walls!

Want to transform your fall space without spending a lot of moolah?  A few inexpensive ideas……

  • One bold accessory – This MUST be a true statement piece!  An oversized coffee table item, an expressive art piece or a brightly colored chandelier are great examples – scour flea markets/junk stores for options.
  • Lamps or lampshades – Switch light, linen lampshades for dramatic darker shades to create a cozier atmosphere.  You can also switch lamp bases for bolder colors.  (Hint-Spray painting outdated lamp bases saves money and soooo easy!)
  • Painted furniture – Refresh an old relic sitting in your attic with paint and elbow grease.  Try chalk or milk paint and add serious shine with a lacquer coat.  One refurbished piece brings unique character to your design, especially in an unexpected color like vibrant orange!

Hope these tips and wonderful pictorial give you the confidence to try red and orange decor this fall.  If you find it difficult to begin your design, look to a singular item like a photograph, art piece or fabric swatch for colorful inspiration.  You can even base your fall design on a wonderful area rug……

Have fun with all shades of red and orange this fall!

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