Vanquish Bath Decor Blues

Summer hones our focus toward bolder, brighter colors for the home.  Our collective vacation-inspired cheer brings an optimism that outshines today’s looming issues, and causes many consumers to seek out fresh new décor ideas.  Being the bath maven, I’ve found some fun options for your consideration.


Kohler’s amazing new throne is a wonder of modern technology!  Say goodbye to T.P. and those age-old arguments about who did NOT put the lid down – and welcome this all-encompassing sculptural cleaning machine.  You’ll have to consult Kohler’s website for details, but its sleek shape is a really cool update to the bath (and it’ll keep your tech savvy teens busy programming it for weeks, which is a great secondary benefit)!  I experienced a crude version of this wonder on my last trip to China, and it WAS handy, if not a bit strange……this is the future of the high-end bath!

Modern Technology has also been put into Mohawk Home’s memory foam bath mats. Memory foam used to be only available in mattresses and pillows, but not any more! Memory foam bath rugs will transform the time you spend in your bathroom. They come in 6 retro chic colors, are ultra plush, cushion tired feet, and best of all: they are all machine washable.


Try a new color for the bath. I’m loving the new blue-toned greens, which are rapidly replacing aqua for the bath.  It’s a bit retro, calming, and very encouraging.  Here’s a photo from the new Valspar paint flier.


Soft grey-toned blues do continue their dominance in the bath as shown here in an Olympic Paint ad.  Note the freestanding tub, which is increasingly popular for traditional homes.

Have you done a recent bath change-up? What was your style?

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