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Personalized kitchen spaces

As a mom I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, which means most of my day is spent staring at the walls, cabinets, counter space and floor in this one room. But, for some reason, my kitchen was one of the last house projects to be worked on. Perhaps it’s because I frequent … Continue reading

Extend your living space into your backyard

Even though summer is quickly coming to an end, the time remaining before winter arrives — along with the current warmer weather — is perfect for some end of summer parties and get-togethers in your backyard. But your time outside doesn’t have to end with summer. With an inviting outdoor space, you and your family … Continue reading

How to be an organized mom

Organization is a key element in parenting. Without it, bills will go unpaid, events will be forgotten, schedules will go out the window and your time is not spent to its maximum potential. But getting – and staying – organized is not an easy task, especially when children are involved. These tips will help you … Continue reading

Give a room its own identity, with a rug!

I love our little house, but I think the builders went a little overboard with the whole “open space” phenomenon. We have two great rooms downstairs; one was meant to be a formal living room/formal dining room and the second was meant to be a family room/breakfast nook/kitchen. Having three kids (and a husband) in this open layout means … Continue reading

All Around Trendy Spring Style

The styles and trends this spring work well in every aspect of your life – from home and garden to clothing and accessories. Check out my favorite ways to incorporate these new spring styles into your wardrobe and your home. Neon colors Neon colors are making a big comeback for spring. But, if you ask … Continue reading

A Bathroom Rug to Warm Up the Room

Our first home had carpet covering the entire floor area in the master bathroom. I never really understood why the builder decided that a bathroom should be covered wall-to-wall in carpet. Sure, it was nice to have when my toddler wanted to play in a sectioned-off and gated-off space while I took a shower, but … Continue reading

Create a Beautiful Nursery with Mohawk Home

Actually create a beautiful nursery, playroom, play space, etc. with Mohawk Home… anything is game really. A space for baby should be soft, beautiful, whimsical and fun right? Mohawk Home sent us one of their new rugs from their new Baby Collection to touch, roll on, play on, enjoy and make mama’s inner designer squeal … Continue reading