Posted by Donna Sandy

Vanquish Bath Decor Blues

Summer hones our focus toward bolder, brighter colors for the home.  Our collective vacation-inspired cheer brings an optimism that outshines today’s looming issues, and causes many consumers to seek out fresh new décor ideas.  Being the bath maven, I’ve found some fun options for your consideration. MODERN TECH Kohler’s amazing new throne is a wonder … Continue reading

Ode to the Kneeling Mat

Ever considered the many uses of a kneeling mat? While originally developed to cushion parent’s knees while bathing babies, these handy little back and knee savers are quickly ascending in popularity and alternate uses. Here are some GREAT ways friends and colleagues have been using Mohawk Home’s new kneeling mats and sparking new development: BATHING … Continue reading

Color: Summer Bolds!

Greetings blogites! With Summer upon us, I wanted to share some exciting new COLOR ideas for the home….and a great inexpensive and easy method used by my friend and co-worker, Marie, for adding color and drama to any room/bathroom. Keying off the bold colored shower curtain, Marie simply cut molding (yes, for FLOOR TRIM) at 45 degree angles, … Continue reading

Refresh & Recharge your Bath

Welcome to the easiest room of the house to refresh; not to mention the coolest place to recharge.  While my bath rituals often relegate this room to the level of routine, I’ve been recently struck by the urge to rebel against this monotony.  Note, I have teenage kids now… first I have to wedge IN … Continue reading