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Vanquish Bath Decor Blues

Summer hones our focus toward bolder, brighter colors for the home.  Our collective vacation-inspired cheer brings an optimism that outshines today’s looming issues, and causes many consumers to seek out fresh new décor ideas.  Being the bath maven, I’ve found some fun options for your consideration. MODERN TECH Kohler’s amazing new throne is a wonder … Continue reading

Deciphering the Bath Rug

Today’s bath rugs and mats present a whole world of options. With so many to consider, understanding which type will best fit your needs can be confusing.  Here are a few tips for you to better clarify what rug will best work for your home. HANDMADE RUGS: These are high end rugs made individually (usually … Continue reading

Color: Summer Bolds!

Greetings blogites! With Summer upon us, I wanted to share some exciting new COLOR ideas for the home….and a great inexpensive and easy method used by my friend and co-worker, Marie, for adding color and drama to any room/bathroom. Keying off the bold colored shower curtain, Marie simply cut molding (yes, for FLOOR TRIM) at 45 degree angles, … Continue reading

Refresh & Recharge your Bath

Welcome to the easiest room of the house to refresh; not to mention the coolest place to recharge.  While my bath rituals often relegate this room to the level of routine, I’ve been recently struck by the urge to rebel against this monotony.  Note, I have teenage kids now… first I have to wedge IN … Continue reading

Out-of-Box Bath Ideas

All bathroom designs are roughly the same due to the room’s function – toilet, vanity with sink, mirrored medicine cabinet, bathtub with shower and curtain and/or shower stall. The functional requirements may be the same from bathroom to bathroom but it doesn’t mean that those key elements have to be standard issue. When you think … Continue reading

Break Out of a Boring Bath

My interior decorating and home staging company helps homeowners ‘break out of the beige haze’.  I don’t typically see many out of the box baths in staging and selling homes but have some gems from the design and decorating side of the business. Here are a few ways to break out of the boring bath. … Continue reading

A Bathroom Rug to Warm Up the Room

Our first home had carpet covering the entire floor area in the master bathroom. I never really understood why the builder decided that a bathroom should be covered wall-to-wall in carpet. Sure, it was nice to have when my toddler wanted to play in a sectioned-off and gated-off space while I took a shower, but … Continue reading

Fun New Bath Mats for Kids

Fun New Bath Mats for Kids

Do you know what one of the most satisfying things about being a textile designer is?  It’s that what I design is bought for your home and becomes part of your life.  Some of my most recent designs were kids prints.  As a mom myself, inspiration for these designs came easily. For me, doing kids … Continue reading